Book Synopsis

Elevator to Hell is a story about Detroiter, Nic Rielly, who discovers at the ripe age of 16 that he is the illegitimate son of a world famous rock and roll legend. This stunning revelation is heightened by the addition of 5 half-siblings, all living in California, and none of whom want anything to do with him.

Years later, Nic’s bio-Dad, the rock star, tragically dies overseas from one of his addictions, leaving his half billion dollar estate up for grabs, which includes a majority stake in Prostitute Records, a world famous record company. Due to circumstances beyond his control, Nic, the bastard, and ironically the most level-headed in the bloodline, must fight for what he believes is legitimately his. And somewhere down the road, in an attempt to first survive, and then, later, to take over the “family business,” Nic crosses the lines of legal and moral propriety and engages in murderous and taboo behavior which changes him and others forever.

Matthew Benjamin’s first novel, Elevator to Hell, is a thrilling morality tale about the fall of an average guy, set to the backdrop of the collapsing record business in the first decade of the 21st Century.